WP 3 - Products provided by palms to local people
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WP 4 - Estimation

5. Estimation of future trade and its consequences; technical report (48) and international journal (60).


As presented in the minutes of the 5th Steering committee meeting held in Tingo María (3. Discussion on final deliverables), the current plan is to produce a book (Overall Deliverable 13). This book will also include all findings of WP4 regarding product 4 (experiences with marketing and sale of palm products) and 5 (Estimation of future trends and consequences): each work package will produce a chapter summarizing all scientific results related to the individual work package-topic, in Spanish language. (Chapter of 6000-7000 words, Editors: H. Balslev, M. Macía, H. Navarrete, and G. Galeano).


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